TeenPact Wisconsin 2014

Hey, my dear Followers!

I didn’t post last Friday because I was swamped with homework for TeenPact (more on that in a minute), and I didn’t post on Monday because I was at TeenPact.

Now I know what you’re thinking!  You’re thinking: “What in the world is TeenPact and why did it take precedence over this blog that this girl takes way too seriously?”

Here, I will provide you with a definition from the very official Rosalie’s Dictionary.

TeenPact – one of the best things of all time; a chance for 13-19 year old teens to learn how to impact the world around them; some of the best spent four days in a 13-19 year old’s life; a chance for Christian teens to gather together to learn about God and government; a jam-packed week of worship, learning, and fellowship.

A very informative definition, I believe.

Anyway, 2014 is TeenPact’s 20th anniversary, and TeenPact Wisconsin was the first State Class of the year.  39 of 50 states in the U.S. hold TeenPact at their state capitol.  Because I’m in Wisconsin, I went to Madison.  The mornings are spent at the actual capital building in “Capitol Clothes” (suits for guys, skirts and blazers for girls) learning about how government works, hearing from speakers, and going on field experiences.  In the afternoons, students return to the camp, hotel, or church that they are staying at and play games, have Bible studies, and worship.

This year at TeenPact Wisconsin, we heard from Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, Representative Kevin Peterson, Julainne Appling, and Brian Hagedorn (Gov. Walker’s chief legal counsel).  We held mock legislature, mock elections, and we even got to spend one afternoon in the Assembly Chambers!

Our interns and staffers were wonderful, godly people who worked so hard and taught us a lot. :)

The homework seemed daunting, but was definitely worth it. :)  We had to write a bill, analyze three amendments from the Bill of Rights, send letters to our state senators and representatives, analyze a bill, complete a fact sheet, and a few other things.

In summary, I definitely encourage anyone within the 13-19 age range to consider going to a TeenPact State Class near you.  It is a fantastic time to grow closer to God, make godly friends, and learn a lot. :)

Oh, one more note before I post a link below: TeenPact Georgia 2014 has been temporarily postponed due to extremely icy roads.  Because Georgia is so far south, they don’t have any plow trucks or salt, and it is a very serious situation down there.  Please pray that it will melt soon and that until it melts everyone in Georgia will be safe and warm. :)


Blessings and have a good weekend!

– RosyRosalie



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