The Five Glass Slippers Winners

Hello, All! :)

The winners for the Five Glass Slippers contest were announced on Saturday! :)  I was not one of them, but the stories that were selected for the final collection sound very original and interesting.  I’ll post a link to the contest page so you can read more about the winners and their stories if you want. I know that I said that I would post Truly in pieces here, but Mom and Daddy have been encouraging me to enter my novella somewhere else.

Stop the crying. I know that all of you have been as involved and emotionally attached as me, and this announcement cuts you to the core because you were truly dying to read it.  ;)  

All silliness aside, please be praying for me as I decide whether or not to submit Truly to another contest or send it straight to a publishing house (the prize money for a contest might actually be greater than the advance and royalties of sending it straight to a publisher).


Have a blessed week!

 ~ RosyRosalie



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