The Spring and the River – One

This is the first in a series of short stories about temptation and sin.  I hope you all find The Spring and the River interesting.

spring and the river one feature imageLucy passed by the River. Its waters looked gentle and inviting, but she had been taught her entire life that it would draw her in with its deceiving looks. Everyone knew that there was a difference between the water that was straight from the Spring and the water that ran through the River.

“Lucy!” called Marianne, a girl from Lucy’s own village. “Come join us! You’ll enjoy it!” The silvery water splashed against the River’s edge, singing a song in its strange, enchanting language. Lucy paused and took in the scene. Men and women of all ages and villages were swimming in the River.

“I will not enter the River of Wrong,” Lucy said resolutely.

“Lucy,” Marianne said in a patronizing tone while she waded to the edge of the River. Lucy noticed vaguely that it seemed hard for Marianne to get out of the Wrong. The taste of the sharp, sweet water of the Spring intensified, and Lucy knew she shouldn’t tarry this close to the River. “Lucy,” Marianne said again as she had her hands on her hips. The Wrong lapped against the other girl’s ankles. “You should try the water from the River! The water of the Spring of Right will not always satisfy your thirst.”

Lucy shifted her weight. She needed to go. “This conversation is pointless, Marianne. All who toy with the River deny its effects. I almost see the Life draining from you and pouring into the River.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Lucy! You are shackled to the Spring! Just have a taste! Dip your toes in the River! You can have both the Spring and the River!”

“It is impossible to have both! When was the last time you drank from the Spring? The Spring gives, the River only takes!”

“You can’t say any of this with certainty, Lucy,” Marianne called after her as Lucy turned to leave. “You have never experienced anything beside the Spring.”

Lucy refused to turn around. The River and Marianne continued to beckon Lucy, but she squared her shoulders. She would never fall into the River. Never. The River of Wrong was crafty and seduced the weak. The strong had nothing to worry about.

Matthew 26:44 – “Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation.  The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”


3 thoughts on “The Spring and the River – One

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  3. I think it is wonderful. You have such a way to express the sin of temptation and the draw it has on us. Thank you so much going to continue to read this .



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