And the contest is….

Happy Sunday, All!

I wasn’t going to post today, but I decided to after I realized that today is June 1st and is the announcement day of Rooglewood Press’s second fairy tale collection contest!

So, without further adieu, Rooglewood Press is delighted to introduce their second fairy tale novella contest –

Five Enchanted Roses
a collection of “Beauty and the Beast” stories

EnchantedRosesCoverThe challenge is to write a retelling of the beloved fairy tale in any genre or setting you like. Make certain your story is recognizably “Beauty and the Beast,” but have fun with it as well. Make it yours!

Rooglewood Press will be selecting five winners to be published in the Five Enchanted Roses collection, which will be packaged up with the gorgeous cover you see displayed here. Perhaps your name will be one of the five displayed on this cover?
All the contest rules and information (how to enter, story details, deadline etc.) may be found on the Rooglewood Press website. Just click HERE and you will go right to the page.

Rooglewood Press’s first collection, Five Glass Slippers, is available for pre-order now and will be released on June 14. Do grab yourself a copy and see what these talented writers have done with the timeless “Cinderella” tale!

This incredible cover illustration was rendered by the spectacularly talented Julia Popova, “ForestGirl”.  You can find out more about this gifted artist on her website:!

So, any of you interested, go ahead and start brainstorming! :)  I’ll be having the blog button (which is somewhere on the sidebar to your right) up all through the end of December so that you’ll have a quick way to check out the rules! :) :)  I’m still deciding whether or not I’m going to write something for it or not… we all (or at least, some of us) know what happened when I set out to write an entry for Rooglewood’s first contest… yeah, that’s what turned into Truly (and I’m sure you’re all truly sick of hearing about it) which is the novella (that I insist on mentioning in as many posts as possible – come on, you were just waiting for me to bring it up) that I have my heart set on publishing one way or anther (and I also have my heart set on making you all hear about every single detail about what happens with it ;)).

Right now, I’m reading Five Glass Slippers and will post a review of those stories (2 1/2 out of 5 down – their pretty fantastic!) within a couple of weeks! :)  Also, there is a blog button up that will be up for a while with a link to Five Glass Slippers on Amazon. :)

Have a blessed Sunday!

~ Rosalie

P.S. – by the way, isn’t that cover just unbelievable? Maybe we (I) should start a petition for Anne Elisabeth Stengl and everyone else over at Rooglewood Press to print some posters that we (I) can hang our (my) rooms like good little creepy fanpeople. ;)



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