One Year to Live Blog Hop

a time to die buttonToday I’m doing something a little different. I’m taking part in a blog hop promoting a new Christian, dystopian novel titled A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes.  Now, at the end of this post there will be a blurb, links to all of Ms. Brandes’ pages, and a way to enter a giveaway (YAY!! GIVEAWAY!!!)

Ms. Brandes is bursting onto the speculative Christian fiction scene with quite a bang in A Time to Die. My review is coming soon, but for now, I (and all the other blog hoppers) have to answer the prompt, “If I had one year left to live, I would…”.

One Year –

CANDLEThis took a lot of thought. A year isn’t all that long. I have some clarity now, and I hope this prompt encourages you to look deeper as it did me.

I would pray and fast more. Even the thought of having only a year left makes me want to be closer to God, and one of my favorite forms of worship is prayer. I don’t fast as often as I probably should, but thinking of having that little window of time gives me a sense of urgency to be in harmony with God and know Him as well as I can.

I would share the Gospel and my testimony more. This is bad, but sharing the Gospel scares me. And the thought of sharing my full testimony with anyone scares me even more. I think that maybe if I knew I didn’t have much time left, I would be bolder, more fearless.

I would teach a children’s Sunday school. Something about children. Something about knowing I wouldn’t be able to have my own kids. I have a desire and a need to interact with and impact the next generation. Something about wanting to see little souls especially saved for Christ. I babysit, so I know this on some level: there is nothing like caring for and loving a child and feeling his/her love in return.

I would either finish two novels or stop writing. From what I’ve seen, many of the other writers participating in this blog hop have said something similar. The thing about our trade/art is that a year is hardly any time for us. So, if I did continue to write (or try to write) novels, I’d give myself two months. First, I would try to complete Truly because it’s almost done, and then I’d try to tackle its sequel because I think that the sequel has the potential to more impactful. My writing is one of my mission fields and it is my passion (if you hadn’t guessed). All the other stories that I have inside my head that I think are worth sharing, well, I’ll put all my notes and thoughts of them in one place and give them to my brothers to complete (and Mom to edit) after I’m gone. And after my two writing months were up, I’d be done. I’d still journal and blog but would abandon novel writing.

I would say “Good-bye” in person to all those I love before going the Middle East. About a two months before I zeroed-out (A Time to Die lingo, for ya), I would see all my loved ones to say “good-bye”, and then I would leave America. I would try to accomplish everything previously listed, and then leave. Over the past few months, I’ve had this desire building within me to visit with and encourage my persecuted brothers and sisters. I want to reach out to them somehow. Nearly every time I pray for them, I ask God to help them know that I’m praying for them and love them, and I ask Him to encourage them. I don’t want them to think that we’ve forgotten them. They’re a part of the Church, my family. I want to do whatever I can to encourage them and meet them on this side of heaven. Who knows, maybe then I’d get to die for Christ.

The “fluff” things. The little things that end up on the bucket list but aren’t as important. Sky-diving. Scuba-diving. Going to a masquerade. Meeting my favorite authors in person. Having a pet fox. Becoming a falconer. Jump off a waterfall. Hang-glide. Slow dancing in the rain.

Now, I know that many of these things can and should be “wills” instead of “woulds”, but as Parvin says in A Time to Die, “It’s difficult rebelling against my former habit of wasting time.” So, this is why I am helping promote A Time to Die – because it’s not a fluff book that one reads and nothing is different. It is book that inspires and calls to action.

And I wouldn’t be so cruel as to get you interested without giving a kernel of hope.

The Blurb –

A Time to DieHow would you live if you knew the day you’d die?
Parvin Blackwater believes she has wasted her life. At only seventeen, she has one year left according to the Clock by her bedside. In a last-ditch effort to make a difference, she tries to rescue Radicals from the government’s crooked justice system.

But when the authorities find out about her illegal activity, they cast her through the Wall – her people’s death sentence. What she finds on the other side about the world, about eternity, and about herself changes Parvin forever and might just save her people. But her Clock is running out.

The Author –

Nadine Brandes Head ShotThis is Nadine Brandes’ debut novel, but she has two more planned in the Out of Time series (thank goodness).   In order to learn more about Ms. Brandes, you may find her at any of these places:


About the book:




***** The Giveaway *****

And now.  The moment you’ve all been waiting for….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just take moment to enter to win a SIGNED paperback copy of A Time to Die AND a $10 Amazon gift card!

Lastly, here is the schedule for the blog hop:

9.03.14 – Nadine Brandes

9.08.14 – Ashlee Willis

9.11.14 – Caitlin Schesser

9.15.14 – Jennette Mbewe

9.17.14 – Heather Fitzgerald

9.19.14 – Kristen Stieffel

9.22.14 – Rebekah Gyger

9.25.14 – Lydia Thomas

9.26.14 – Ashley Olson

9.27.14 – Angel Roman

9.28.14 – Rosalie Valentine

9.29.14 – Aubrei Crooke-Adams

9.30.14 – Sarah Grimm

10.01.14 – Jon Del Arroz

10.02.14 – Amy Brandes

10.04.14 – Kathrese McKee

10.07.14 – Karen DeBlieck

10.09.14 – Bethany Jennings

10.10.14 – Angie Brashear

10.13.14 – Adam Collings

10.15.14 – Bree Courtney

10.20.14 – Gretchen Engel

10.24.14 – JC Morrows

10.30.14 – Lisa Gedfries

I highly reccommend looking into Nadine Brandes and A Time to Die!



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