Parvin Blackwater Character Interview

Happy Saturday, All!  Today, I have a special guest from A Time to Die – Parvin Blackwater of Unity Village!

R.V. – Hello, Parvin! Welcome to The Fox Hole, and thank you so much for taking the time to join me! I’d like to start with some favorites and basics just to get us going: favorite color?

P.B. – Hello. I guess I’d say my favorite color is cream…if that counts as a color. You know, the light off-white color of Dogwood blossoms. We don’t see that color often in Unity Village — white or cream clothing just doesn’t make sense. You can’t clean it once it’s dirty.

R.V. – Cream is certainly a color! Ah, Dogwoods are so beautiful! Hmm, I suppose you’re right about the whole dirty/clean thing. And your favorite ice cream (or dessert in general)?

P.B – I’ve only tasted vanilla ice cream one time from the milkman at the market, so I guess that’s my favorite. But Mother makes a cinnamon apple crumble on the first snowfall of every year. We eat it with a big glass of milk.

Parvin feature imageR.V. – Oh! Sounds delicious! Dogs or cats?

P.B. – Dogs. Cats are beggars.

R.V. – Agreed! Milk or dark chocolate?

P.B. – There are different types? I’ve had only chocolate syrup in a coffee at Faveurs. It was delicious.

R.V. – Oh, well, chocolate syrup definitely counts! And lastly, pens or pencils?

P.B. – Father made me pencils once, but it took too much work to sharpen them. I love using my dipping pen the most because Mother’s blueberry ink smells so good. I’ll go with pens, but the stylus from my wax tablet writes the smoothest. I made it myself, you know. Do you use a wax tablet?

R.V. – Well, no, I’ve only read about wax tablets. I use pens, pencils, or I type on my computer. Anyway, you mentioned a place called “Faveurs”. Is that a cafe in Unity Village? What do you like to order there?

P.B. – Yes, it’s our only cafe. It hasn’t been there long. The owner’s not a local and I’m not sure she gets much business. It’s a little too…”high class” for our taste. I’ve been there a couple times with a new friend of mine, Skelley Chase. He introduced me to mochas, so that’s what I like to order…when I have the specie.

R.V. – How did you meet this Skelley Chase? And what are “specie”?

P.B. – Skelley Chase is a famous biographer. You haven’t heard of him? He’s an incredible writer. I want to write like him someday…actually, that’s what he’s helping me do right now. But it’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone yet. My Mentor, Trevor Rain introduced me to Skelley Chase.

Specie is our currency. It’s how I buy things. You must know what it is…it’s the worldwide currency. We don’t use anything else any more.

R.V. – A biographer? How cool! I probably heard of specie and forgot. Wow, I have so many questions, but I’m afraid we don’t have enough time. :( But, may I ask if you’re writing a biography, and if so, of who? Is it something to do with your last year?

P.B – Well…yes, it’s about me. I should be calling it an autobiography. Skelley Chase corrected me, but I keep forgetting. By writing it, I hope I can show the world that Radicals are being treated unjustly in my village. Maybe…maybe before I zero-out…I can make a difference.

R.V. – Wow. That is amazing, Parvin. Wow, I wish I could ask you so many more questions, but we’re almost out of time! :( And I should let you get back to writing your autobiography. But one last question, what advice do you give us about living life? What do you think makes a meaningful life?

P.B. – *sigh* I’m still trying to figure that out. I know what doesn’t make life meaningful — everything I’ve done so far. But, I think that Reid (my brother) was right when he said God is the one Who really brings meaning. I’m going to see if that’s true in this last year — not sure what it means to let God lead my life, but Reid hasn’t led me wrong yet.

Thanks for talking to me. I hope you find meaning in the Numbers you have.

R.V. – Well, thank you soooooo much for joining me today, Parvin!  Good luck and God bless on your autobiography!

Well, that was fun!  It gives a little bit of taste of the world of A Time to Die.  You can visit Nadine’s website to check it out more, or you can go straight to Amazon. :)

Have a blessed weekend! :)



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