The Spring and the River Part One Recap

spring and the river part one recap feature imageHappy Sunday, my dear Followers! :)

I am finally ready to finish The Spring and the River saga (yeah, that’s still a thing for me… even though I haven’t written an installment in months…)!  First, I am reposting the recap of Part One so that we all can catch back up with what happened at the end of SixSeven will be posted either tomorrow or Tuesday. :)

P.S. – remember that this synopsis is clumsily written, and so it’s a little rough on the reading (I would have fixed it, but I just… no, it wasn’t working).

~ The Spring and the River ~

~ Part One Recap~

The story started when Lucy was walking by the River and saw Marianne, a young woman from her own village, swimming in its perilous water. All her life, Lucy had been taught that the River of Wrong was to be avoided at all costs, and though Marianne had heard the same message, she had ignored it. So while Lucy was of the Spring of Right, Marianne had abandoned its life giving waters for the life taking currents of the River. After Lucy heard of her uncle’s death by drowning in the River, she set out to restore Marianne to the Spring with the support of her parents and Lucien (her brother). After several discouraging weeks with no success, Lucy was warned by a wise man of the Spring (Master Alexei) that Marianne was trying to destroy her (Lucy) as well and that she must take heed and not become arrogant. But few weeks later, Lucy was desperate for any way to reach Marianne and was flattered when Marianne told her that she was sure Lucy was strong enough to withstand the River on her own. The very arrogance she was warned about filled Lucy, and, in a moment of weakness and overconfidence, she dipped her toes into the River of Wrong. Instantly, she was ashamed and fled to the Spring, but something was different. Something had come between her and the Spring. Something had been changed forever. With a heavy heart, Lucy turned to go home to tell her parents of her failure, but a new thought entered her mind. Why should she put her parents through that? Why not have them think of her as they always have? And so she tells her first lie, and the troubling sense that it will not be her last settles over her.

So there you have it!  I will see you all on Monday or Tuesday with Seven!



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