The Spring and the River – Epilogue

Hello, Peeps! :) :)

At long last.

After over a year.

Through varying degrees of writing quality.

Even when we thought it might never end.

I present.

The Spring and the River Epilogue.

NOTE: This series was written to be read in order.  If you have not read the previous installments, it would be best for you to go read them now at The Spring and the River page. :)

spring and the river epilogue feature imageLucy sat beside the Spring.

It had been six weeks since the Spring and Lucien had saved her from the River, and though she tried not to dwell on it, she mourned Marianne’s death. Often, Lucy woke with Marianne’s face burned on her eyelids, and she would stare at the ceiling of her room, trying to simply breathe. In her mind, she knew that it had been Marianne’s choice – Marianne had rejected the Spring even if it meant death in the River – but on her darkest nights, Lucy was filled with an overwhelming guilt that only the Spring could put to death.

The cool breeze ruffled her hair, and the autumn leaves cast the Spring in a golden glow. As she ran her fingers over the surface of the Spring, a feeling of newness and absolute wholeness filled her. The Spring quieted her fears and overcame her shame. She had moved back to her family’s house, but moving wasn’t quite the word for it. After Marianne drowned, she never returned to their hovel; Lucien had carried her home. She had begged forgiveness of him and her parents, and their response had been what she supposed she should have anticipated – tears and arms open wide.

Lucien was going with her to meetings every few days, and she felt her life slipping into a new kind of normal. It wasn’t easy, for the River was cunning, and without the Spring, Lucy was weak. But the Spring was always with her. A ring set with a Springstone graced her left hand, and lilies from the Spring were ever in her hair.

She stood and slipped into a pool of Springwater, and utter calm flooded her soul. The freshness of the water invigorated her, and she smiled when she heard the Spring whispering in her ear. Sunlight was dazzling as it reflected off the Springwater, and as Lucy sank deeper into the Spring, a vibrant joy brought a smile to her lips.

And the mysteries that were the Spring and the River went on.

Galatians 5:1 – For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.


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