A Midsummer Night’s Update


The time has come for an update.

So much is happening, and I’m afraid that there’ll have to a be a little radio silence from the good ol’ Fox Hole.

Please, don’t cry.  Somehow, we’ll all carry on.

Anyway, here’s the exciting stuff that’s going on!

My first writing conference!

I’m so jazzed!  I’ll be attending Realm Makers Conference August 6-8 with my amazing writer cousin, Brittany Valentine.  When I registered, I had to choose between three main courses – worldbuilding, editing, and marketing, and I ended up selecting worldbuilding because I’m not quite to the editing or marketing part.

For you peasants non-writer peeps, worldbuilding is the part of writing when you create the different cultures, make maps, name places, detail the terrain of the various places in your world, add races (elves, dragons, etc.) and their cultures, etc.  It’s one of my absolute favorite parts of writing, and I can’t wait to learn more about it!

There will definitely be a debriefing post when I get home from that!

A Reluctant Assassin Launch!

As some of you may remember, I’m on the launch team for JC Morrows upcoming book A Reluctant Assassin!  This isn’t a huge commitment yet, but it’s starting to pick up speed as the release date approaches.  I’ll have review coming once I get the influencer copy, and then probably a blog hop post. :)

Five Enchanted Roses Influencer!

I have the opportunity to read Five Enchanted Roses (the result of the Five Enchanted Roses creative writing contest put on by Rooglewood Press) before it gets released, and while I’ve been itching to dive into the collection of Beauty and the Beast retellings, time has been lacking! – yet another reason for a blog break.  My next post will probably be my review of Five Enchanted Roses. :)  I’m so excited about this collection, and I’ve heard so many good things.  So, I have to read this, and then write the review within the next week or so.

Retelling #2!

And, the big reason for the blog break – finishing Retelling #2 (aka: my Beauty and the Beast retelling)… before Realm Makers.  My personal deadline is August 4.  I’m afraid I won’t make it, but I’m getting close!  I’m at 68,907 words right now, and I’m thinking that it will finish up at, uhhh, 90,000ish.  So I’ve got a ways to go, and I need to take a break from The Fox Hole so that I can focus my writing energy on getting to the fabled end of the trainwreck rough draft.

Exciting upcoming things!

As mentioned before, reviews of Five Enchanted Roses and A Reluctant Assassin are forthcoming.

Also, as soon as I finish Retelling #2, while it’s marinating before edits, I’m going to get to work on a Super Secret Project for The Fox Hole.  Guys, I’ pretty jazzed about this Super Secret Project…. I’ll probably let you all in the loop September/Octoberish…. yeah, I’m jazzed.

The Spring and the River came to a close this past Tuesday, and I am planning on going back through those old posts and cleaning them up a little.  I started without an outline, there are numerous typos, and it just needs a little TLC before I am finally finished with it.  Several times I just have to cringe in deep shame at the extremely bad writing that showed up in that saga.  So I have to fix it or else I’m going to go insane.  So, for those of you who noticed, those things will be taken care shortly.

Also, after Realm Makers I have a few… things… that I’m going to finish writing and post on 1 Timothy.  My church just finished up a small group study on 1 Timothy, and I really enjoyed looking at this pastoral epistle in depth.  I want to share my findings/thoughts with y’all – never fear, I’m not under the delusion that I’m a theologian, I just don’t see the point in knowing things if I don’t share them.  So, yeah.  A few posts on 1Timothy forthcoming.

ANYWAY, all this to say, I’m excited to be moving onto new things now that The Spring and the River is done!  Once I get back from Realm Makers, I’ll start jumping into some of this new stuff, but until then, enjoy the peace and quiet I bid you, “Good night.”

~ Rosalie


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