The Review Stars

I have started using a new system of review stars, and before I review A Time to Speak and A Reluctant Assassin, I figured you should know what they all mean.

So. The Review Stars.

review stars feature imageThe Chortling Stars – well-written, but mainly just brought lots of smiles; clever; witty; related to The Wonderstruck Stars and The Sleepless Stars

The Thorny Stars – not quite sure if this deserves the rating I’m giving it; ehhhhh; hmmmm; eh

The Sleepy Stars – when will this be over?; *yawns*; I’m bored…; closely related to The Dying Stars

The Throwing Stars – wanted to throw the book – in a good way…?…; usually due to death, relationships, cliff hangers, etc.; related to The Sleepless Stars

The Sleepless Stars – stayed up to 3am or later (earlier?) to read this book; propped my burning eyelids open to get more of this book; have a caffeine dependency because of this book; not to be confused with The Sleepy Stars!!!!!

The Satisfied Stars – that feeling you get when you’ve eaten a scrumptious meal, you know the one, that’s basically this book; life goes on fairly smoothly after this book is over, but the pleasant aftertaste sticks with you for days; the more low key cousin of The Throwing Stars and The Wonderstruck Stars.

The Dying Stars – it was just bad; might not have even finished it; would rather be dying than reading this book; related to The Thorny Stars a few times removed

The Wonderstruck Stars – breathtaking; can’t quite put to words why this book is so amazing; might have wept for various reasons; emotionally destabilized or stabilized (respectively) after reading this book; just… aslkdjfalksdflkslakfsasdfjldfkasdfs

The Assorted Stars – used to add emphasis; little siblings of the major Review Stars

Now, The Review Stars can be used by themselves or in teams.  For instance, A Wish Made of Glass had the Wonderstruck Stars while A Time to Die had the Throwing Stars AND the Sleepless Stars.

The definitions of the Review Stars are up on my book reviews page along with all the books I’ve reviewed thus far. :)

Tally ho!



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