Writing Right Now

Good noon, my dears.

Having dug myself out of a food coma, I have decided to post.

At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write to ya’ll about today, but I thought to myself, “I’ll think of something magnanimous.”  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, as it turns out, this post is what could go wrong.

I want to talk to ya’ll about writing.  Specifically, my writing.  Extra-specifically, my writing right now.

I mean, it’s been awhile, right?

I apologize in advance, my dears.

Here we go.

P.S. – there are also details about the Super Secret Project I’ve been working on.

~ Cinderella Retelling ~

Cinderalla collage 1Ah, this old rag.

Some of you may remember this as the fabled Truly or Retelling #1.  Some of you may have no memory of such a story.  For those of us – er, you who are confused, I wrote this retelling for a novella contest way back in 2013.  I didn’t win (thank goodness for that because *cringe* it was bad). 

Supposedly, I’ve been rewriting this bad boy for the last two years, but, uh, I haven’t.  *avoids eye contact*  Anyway, while I haven’t actually been rewriting it, the Cinderella retelling has been actively simmering and changing.  It won’t leave my alone while I try to write other things.

I’ve been adding characters, killing characters, doing more worldbuilding, trying to ratchet up the tension, and such.

So, I don’t have a synopsis or blurb or anything like that as of now because it’s still under heavy construction, but I decided to include this in my “writing right now” post because it’s still very much alive.  My plan is to get to work on it after I close up a couple other projects.

But for now, think magic-meets-tech, court intrigue, and the meaning of true friendship.

~ Beauty and the Beast Retelling ~

B&B collage 1Right now, this is my novel project.

This is Retelling #2, and it takes place during part of Retelling #1 with a different cast of characters.  Only a couple secondary characters from Retelling #1 pop up in this Beauty and the Beast retelling. ( don’t know if that makes any sense, but I don’t care.)

Alas, I’m still wrangling up a blurb and tagline and such, but this is rebellions, fear, an evil queen, and uh, depression.

This retelling is darker than most of what I’ve written, but I love it.

I’ve gone through one round of edits, and I’m currently letting it sit again so that I can finish reading Self-Editing for Fiction Writers.  My rough draft clocked in at 88,000 words, and usually a novel swells during edits and revisions.  However, while I have several scenes that need to be added and it desperately needs more description, I have a lot of depressing internal monologue to axe so… I have no idea how long it will be.

~ Super Secret Project ~

Flickering Lights collageThis is my Super Secret Project for The Fox Hole (hence the “Super Secret Project” headline).

Guys, I am so excited about this.

It’s my next series for The Fox Hole, and while I was planning on posting it at the end of this year, it looks like I won’t be able to get it finished until the end of January. :(  I’m bummed, but I want it to be better written than The Spring and the River.

It has an outline and a synopsis and a plan, and I am sooooo jazzed!

Okay, here’s the title:

 Flickering Lights.

What if it the world isn’t dark because of all the sin and evil?  What if it’s dark because believers are so dim?

That’s the idea behind Flickering Lights.

I have the two out of nine parts written so far, and I’m working on part three this week.  It’s some sort of sci-fi, and so it’s very different from The Spring and the River.

Ugh, I’m so excited!!

Anyway, be expecting that.

~ The Last Apprentice ~

TLA collage 1So, I’m working away at Flickering Lights.  I’m hammering out some worldbuilding details and thinking over my characters.


It hit me out of nowhere.

A new idea.

A monkey wrench the size of Jupiter crashes into my barely focused mind and sends me spinning off onto a new idea.

So much of it is just a wisp of an idea, and so I want to get details down.

I can’t focus.

This is the reason Flickering Lights is getting shoved to the end of January.

This has plagued me for two weeks now, and I can’t seem to get it out of my head.  (Sure, making it its own Pinterest board and writing about it and such probably isn’t helping but…).

One of its main themes is the line between justice and revenge, and I’m geeking out over it.

(Writer friends, someone please hit me over the head with something so that I can focus on Flickering Lights!!)


Anyway, so that’s my writing world right now.

Random posts like this happen when I’m partly finished with several other posts but don’t want to work on any of them at the moment.

Random posts like this happen when I’m procrastinating.

Random posts like this happen when I have a lapse in judgement.

Have a blessed week!


6 thoughts on “Writing Right Now

  1. Rosalie.
    Ohhhh, Rosalie.
    These stories — every single one of them, made me have a HUGE yearning to go into your computer, hack your files, and read each story. Or hack your mind like some sort of dystopian world. (actually, that sounds creepy and quite invasive, so I shall resist.)
    BUT SERIOUSLY. I’m quite jealous of all your lovely ideas, actually. It sounds simply SO amazing. *dances around* Never feel pressured, but I am dying to become a beta reader/critique partner for you someday. :P So, remember me. ;)
    Hoping that tackling all these projects will go smoothly! <3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha!!! :) Yep, that mind hacking sounds right out of the Out of Time series, if you ask me! ;)
      Awww, you’re such a sweetie!! My ideas are so much cooler in theory than on paper. :( :( But of course I’ll remember you!!!
      Thanks!!! :)

      Liked by 1 person


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