The Favorite Five of 2015

As I look back on 2015, I decided to compile a list of my top book picks I read in 2015. Now, I would have said this was hard, but it really wasn’t. The best books jumped immediately to my mind, and so I decided to share my favorite five (isn’t that alliteration fun). Anyway, I’m listing them in the order that I read them.fav 5 2015

A Wish Made of Glass by Ashlee Willis.

This was a short, powerful little book. You can read my review here, but I’ll just say that I like this book because it’s beautifully written and true in its portrayal of life. It helped me recognize bitterness I had been harboring, and it shows how refusing to forgive can poison relationships. I loved this short book. (5/5 stars)

Storm Siren by Mary Weber.

I’ve been hearing all about this bad boy for probably two years. For two years I’ve seen the cover splashed across the internet as all my blogger friends fawn over it. Literally, fawning over it. “It can’t be that good,” I muttered to myself as I read another blog about how amazing and oh-my-goodness and that-ending! and when-does-the-next-one-come-out and *sobbing*.

storm siren endingSo I decided to give it a go. This is one of those series that’s stupid to start reading until all the books are out. The ending was brutal (seriously, if you enjoy having your heart ripped out and then having to wait for months for the next book, read this book straightaway). I finished it at 1:30 am and almost threw it across the room. And now I have the paperback version of the sequel (Siren’s Fury) on preorder, and the cover of the final book (Siren’s Song) has been revealed. And I have resolved to not to read Siren’s Fury until Siren’s Song has been shipped. (4/5 stars)

A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes.

Out of Time series emotional cycle

This is so accurate.

As most of you know, I was on the launch team for A Time to Speak, and I had the privilege of working with Nadine Brandes once again. For those of you who don’t know, I was on the launch team for A Time to Speak, and I had the privilege of working with Nadine Brandes once again.

I have angsted over the release of this book since the minute (yep, that’s right, the minute) that I finished A Time to Die. Talk about pain. See, Storm Siren is emotions ripping. A Time to Die and A Time to Speak are all about your emotions and your spiritual walk being turned upside down and shaken repeatedly and then being righted only to be brutally slammed with a frying pan. Anyway, A Time to Speak was the brilliant sequel to A Time to Die, and I cannot wait until A Time to Rise. (5/5 stars)

Secrets Kept by J.L. Mbewe.

a princess no more

It was brutal.

This is one I picked up at Realm Makers where I had the chance to meet the author in person and get it signed! The most impressive thing about this series is the worldbuilding; the world of Nälu is vast with unique races and rich history. The cultures are diverse and layered with realistic prejudices and flaws while the landscape is varied.

This is the first in The Hidden Dagger trilogy, and the next book, Darkened Hope, comes out in 2016! I also read the short stories that go along with the series, and each is well-written and… tragic. They’re not the type to read when your hamster just died. I read A Princess No More (the latest short story) one night, and uh, I was in a state.

Daughter of Light by Morgan Busse.

This one snuck in under the wire for 2015. I read it in the middle of December, and I knew immediately it was heading straight for this list. A diverse cast of characters populate this fantasy novel, but it wasn’t just fantastic characters and a unique world that made me love this book. I loved it because of the seamless, beautiful way Ms. Busse wove redemption and healing into a sweeping tale.

Now for the bad news. This is the first in the Follower of the Word series. And whilst I was at Realm Makers with the entire series at my fingertips, I, uh, only bought… the… first one, Daughter of Light. So, I can’t read Son of Truth (the sequel) or Heir of Hope (the conclusion) yet. So, I’m sad. So, as soon as my book fund gets enough money, I’m snatching the rest of the trilogy off of Amazon. (4/5 stars)

Well, there they are! My favorite five! What are yours?


3 thoughts on “The Favorite Five of 2015

  1. This made my heart happy. Thank you!!!

    I got Siren’s Fury for Christmas, but I’m contemplating of waiting closer to the release of Siren’s Song as well. I will probably do that with A Time to Speak too. Eep! I have Son of Truth, but haven’t read it yet. Must. do. it. this. year!

    Hope you’ve had a great Christmas!

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