why I’ve been such a bad blogger (aka: where is Flickering Lights 9????)

My family is… angry. At least, the family members who read Flickering Lights are. They’re upset that I haven’t posted the last two Flickering Lights when I said that Flickering Lights 9 would be out May 13, and here it is June 6, and there’s no Flickering Lights 9.

bad blogger spring 2016 editionOops.

Here’s the dealio. Due to a lack of reader engagement, I have decided to cancel Flickering Lights.


Flickering Lights is just going to have to end right there SPOILER ALERT!! with Hermes bleeding (possibly to death) on the ground and Penelope’s leg snapped in half (okay, snapped in half is a bit extreme, but whatever).

All right, all right. I’m kidding. Flickering Lights will continue on.

I’ve got two fairly good reasons why you have to wait for the last two part of Flickering Lights:

1. Burnout.

It’s worse than writer’s block. I hit a writing burnout in a terrible way in the midst of trying to polish Flickering Lights 9. Major burnout. I tried to muscle my way through it. I tried to ignore it for a few days. I tried writing other things. I tried crying.

Okay, not that last one, but I tried everything I knew to get past the burnout, but burnout isn’t something to get through. It needs to be medicated with lots of creative input (books and movies) and rest (sleeping and avoiding my computer).

2. I graduated from high school.

Yeah. No biggie here. Only we threw my grad party at home, and so there had to be lots of projects done to get the property ready for the party. (Like scraping and sanding and priming and painting the outside of the house.) And we had lots of family that came into town. And also trying to actually finish school.

So those are my fairly two good reasons for why you have to wait for the last two parts of Flickering Lights.

And guess what. You have to wait longer. Until July 4th to be exact. Yeah. I know, I know. It’s terribly unprofessional to have this huge gap in the series, but it’s either that or two half-baked installments that are gag-worthy.

If, by some miracle, both installments are completely ready to go before July 4th, I’ll post them! But, until then, you’ll just have to amuse yourselves with the past installments.

Peeps, I’m sorry to do this to you (actually, I’m not because I know how Flickering Lights ends), but this is the way it has to be.

Here are all the previous installments:

Flickering Lights 1: Light from Chimo

Flickering Lights 2: Hermes Glass

Flickering Lights 3: The Murklands

Flickering Lights 4: The Pale Ones

Flickering Lights 5: Boarding Call

Flickering Lights 6: Kindle

Flickering Lights 7: A Stone and a Hurricane

Flickering Lights 8: Worth It

So that’s that. This is such a lame post that I don’t even want to think about it, but certain members of the family said I needed to give my readers an explanation.

*awkwardly leaves*

P.S. – Also, I’m changing the name of The Fox Hole this month. I’ll explain why (basically just because I feel like it) in next week’s post.


11 thoughts on “why I’ve been such a bad blogger (aka: where is Flickering Lights 9????)

  1. Girl, you almost had me at canceling it. I was like WHAT?! Ha! But I completely understand about life, being crazy busy, and creative burn out. No worries! Breathe in, breathe out. Eats tons of chocolate, read some good books, watch some awesome movies…whatever it is that will fill you up. I’m trying to figure out the same for me. :-D

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