An End of Summer Update

Happy Monday, Peeps!

I have decided to do an update today.

“What sort of update?” you ask.

Well, whatever I think of; just know there will be puppies, music, writing, India, Nepal, and stuff to come to Penprints.

(Hint, hint: this is where I throw any notion of actual blogging skills out the window and fly by the seat of my pants. Sometimes you just gotta let your hair down, peeps. Too many metaphors in one paragraph? Probably, but I just couldn’t help myself. AHEM.)


Random stuff.

We dropped Luke (Bro #2) off at college again just a couple weekends ago (I only shed like a gallon of tears). The house is quiet without him, and I have no one to play Halo and watch Clone Wars with. :(


One of my jobs is at an antique shop, and one of the regulars came in and gave me this lovely green journal just this past weekend!

One of the readers of Flickering Lights sent me this music video and said that she thinks it should be played during the end credits when Flickering Lights is made into a movie. That definitely made my week.


First, I want to talk about my Cinderella retelling. I’ve had this baby for three years, and I love the characters. It was the first project I finished a rough draft on. It’s special to me that way, but there are so many plot holes in it. I’ve been trying to fix it for the last two years, and I’ve finally decided to stop. I’m setting it aside indefinitely (permanently, perhaps). Now that I’ve made this decision, I have so much more peace about my stories and writing in general because I’ve felt God leading me this way for over a year now. So no more Cinderella retelling.

Now, onto my WIP. It’s a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and its current title is Beasts. I’m smack dab in the middle of its second draft, but this version is so different than the first draft that it feels like another rough draft. But this story is so good to write. I think my richest writing is in this book. I made this swanky aesthetic collage for ya’ll because I spent too much time on Pinterest because I love ya’ll (you can check out said Pinterest board here).

Beasts collage

~ all pics found on pinterest ~

Here’s my plan (haven’t we heard this before??): finish draft two by mid-October, do some drafting on the sequel (currently titled Heroes), return to Beasts for draft three mid-December, and then send Beasts off to Nadine Brandes for an editorial review mid-January.

So I have a lot to do.

The Current Soundtrack of My Life.

Almost all of my friends are flailing over Twenty-One Pilots, but I personally haven’t caught the vision (sorry, guys).

I’m on Needtobreathe.

Luke (Bro #2) has been on a Needtobreathe kick for a few months now, and so I dutifully listened to some of their music with him saying “Isn’t this so fantastic?” and “It’s such good music!” and “Don’t you love it?” over and over again.

I yawned. “Yeah, I guess.”

And then the next thing I know, I’m listening to their song “Be Here Long” eight times in a row and am starting in on a ninth while nearly crying my eyes out.

So, yeah, now I’m on a Needtobreathe kick too (“Be Here Long”, “Let’s Stay Home Tonight”, “Testify”, and “Money and Fame” are my jam right now).


Last Monday, Indie (my German shepherd) had eight little puppies!

So, pictures:


Indie (the mother)


Bear (the father)

Follow me on Instagram for more pics of the little cuties (I have only two pictures up on my account because I just got an Instagram two days ago, people).

India and Nepal.

I’m going to India and Nepal this fall! I’ll be gone October 26 through November 10, and I am so excited about this missions trip! You can read more about it over on the India/Nepal Trip page, AND you can sign up to receive updates on it (no worries, peeps, these updates come only once or twice a month and end when the trip is over).

Coming to Penprints.

Out of Time Series posts because that series is… mm, that series. Words run dry. Alea actually wrote a whole post about why you should go read the Out of Time Series. Expect a post on signs that you’re obsessed with the Out of Time Series (don’t be absurd. Of course I don’t qualify as obssessed), and after I read A Time to Rise, there’ll probably (probably, come on, who am I kidding–definitely) a review post and then a post about what it’s like reading the Out of Time Series.

Also, a post on Bible memorization is on it’s way to a Penprints near you.

So is a post on how to be a responsible bookworm  (always such serious stuff here on Penprints).

A post about Bear and how he came to be in our family (it’s actually interesting and sad and makes you want to give him a hug).

Possibly a post about Needtobreathe.

Some of my favorite things going around the ‘Net right now.

Uh, Needtobreathe.

There are just a couple days left to sign up for The Rise Tour (ohmywordohmyword) to help Nadine launch A Time to Rise.

Over on Wishful Thinking, there’s this incredible post about creating deep friendships in fiction.

———-> (I stole this cool arrow thing from Katie, speaking of which…) Katie is throwing a giveaway because her blog is two now!

There’s a chortle-worthy post over on Abi’s blog on guy bloggers.

Let’s drop a bookend on this update.

Eventually, I’m going to start up a newsletter (it’ll be named The Penprints Quarterly) that I’ll have all this sort of updateish stuff in as well as some pretty swanky giveaways every quarter, but for now, this post’ll have to do.

What’s new in your life? Any new pets?

How are your writing projects going? What are your personal deadlines for them?

Have you heard of Needtobreathe? Is it the soundtrack of your life too????


9 thoughts on “An End of Summer Update

  1. I am obsessed with Needtobreathe! They had one really popular song on top 20 Christian radio but I really fell for them when they hit my Rend Collective pandora station! Let’s just say they make my heart pretty happy…but not nearly as much as puppy pictures and a future blog post on scripture memorization (something I really need to get back to)!


  2. The puppies are so cute!! I will have to check out Needtobreathe. I wish you well on all your endeavors!! Writing, traveling, etc. The journal is gorgeous and such a sweet thing for her to do!

    I’m in the middle of writing book 3. Like you, it’s a second rough draft since this version is completely different than the original. My goal is to be done by the end of October and ready to swap critiques with peeps. We shall see! My goal is to have it ready for a content edit by January, but I’ve got to figure out the money thing and get a job between now and then. Which, if I do, that will change my goals as well.

    Happy writing!

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