Book Reviews

Good day and welcome to my book review page! :)

A note about my review stars:

The Chortling Stars – well-written, but mainly just brought lots of smiles; clever; witty; related to The Wonderstruck Stars and The Sleepless Stars

The Thorny Stars – not quite sure if this deserves the rating I’m giving it; ehhhhh; hmmmm; eh

The Vivid Stars – the description is incredible! Sublime! Exquisite! I don’t just know that the moon is shining, I see it glinting off the broken glass!!! I see it all so well!!

The Sleepy Stars – when will this be over?; *yawns*; I’m bored…; closely related to The Dying Stars

The Throwing Stars – wanted to throw the book – in a good way…?…; usually due to death, relationships, cliff hangers, etc.; related to The Sleepless Stars

The Sleepless Stars – stayed up to 3am or later (earlier?) to read this book; propped my burning eyelids open to get more of this book; have a caffeine dependency because of this book; not to be confused with The Sleepy Stars!!!!!

The Dying Stars – it was just bad; might not have even finished it; would rather be dying than reading this book; related to The Thorny Stars a few times removed

The Satisfied Stars – that feeling you get when you’ve eaten a scrumptious meal, you know the one, that’s basically this book; life goes on fairly smoothly after this book is over, but the pleasant aftertaste sticks with you for days; the more low key cousin of The Throwing Stars and The Wonderstruck Stars.

The Wonderstruck Stars – breathtaking; can’t quite put to words why this book is so amazing; might have wept for various reasons; emotionally destabilized or stabilized (respectively) after reading this book; just… aslkdjfalksdflkslakfsasdfjldfkasdfs

The Assorted Stars – used to add emphasis; little siblings of the major Review Stars

The list of books that I have reviewed is small but growing.  To read the review, click the cover. :)

A Time to Speak ATimetoDieCov  A Wish Made of Glass cover

FiveEnchantedRosesFinalCover   Draven'sLightCover the word changers  five glass slippers cover aerisia book cover  A reluctant assassin cover


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